90th anniversary the next happiness

The material that you feel is here.


TOPRUN Co., Ltd. as our name implies, since the founding of our company in 1928, we have made a determined run to be the top of our industry, while walking together with Japan's bag industry.
In this our 90th year of business, we are widening our fields of activity from the development, import and wholesaling of materials for bags to include those for furniture, interior goods and apparel.

Our company’s strength is our ability to meet all needs for bag materials, including synthetic textiles, natural textiles, artificial leathers, genuine leathers, as well as behind-the-scenes manufacturing and design.
In addition, we make use of our material development know-how to source raw materials from countries all over the world, and, beginning in Japan, have selected the best sites for OEM production of finished goods in Asia.

In the future, our employees will continue to work vigorously as a group to maintain our position as the top runner in Japan's bag industry. We ask for your support.

TOPRUN Co., Ltd.


Since the founding of TOPRUN Co., Ltd., we have worked hard on the development, import and wholesaling of bag materials in our run to the top of Japan's bag industry. Currently we are branching out to include materials for use in furniture, interior goods, and apparel, in addition to bags, and are handling all kinds of materials, from artificial and natural textiles to artificial and genuine leathers. We also provide behind-the-scenes production that melds design and usefulness.


For many years, TOPRUN Co., Ltd. has cultivated know-how in the development of bag materials, and has used it to source materials from countries around the world. Beginning in Japan, we have selected optimum sites for OEM production of finished goods in Asia.


Name TOPRUN Co., Ltd.
Established Apr.28
Incorporated Nov.48
Capital 90 million yen
Employees 50 (including executives)
Accounting period March (once a year)
Headquarters Senzoku 2-29-5 Daito-ku Tokyo Japan 111-0031
TEL: +81(0)3-3875-1121 FAX: +81(0)3-3876-1005
Representative KAZUO YAMAGUCHI (b. 1960)
Type of industry Wholesale sales of all kinds of raw materials (for bags, handbags, clothing, interior goods, furniture)
Lineup PVC leather; Artificial leather; Synthetic leather; Leather; Nylon textiles; Various textiles; Various fabric processing (rubber, PVC, Dye)
Registered trademark Registered trademark of TOPRUN
Organization memberships Tokyo Luggage Association,


Head Office 2-29-5, Senzoku, Taito-ku, Tokyo Japan
Postal code 111-0031
Tel. +81(0)3-3875-1121
Fax. +81(0)3-3876-1005
Tokyo Central Branch 2-29-5, Senzoku, Taito-ku, Tokyo Japan
Postal code 111-0031
Tel. +81(0)3-3875-1122
Fax. +81(0)3-3871-3868
Osaka Branch Office 2-3-38, Nagata-naka, Higashi-Osaka, Osaka Japan
Postal code 577-0013
Tel. +81(0)6-6747-6441
Fax. +81(0)6-6747-6449
Nagoya Branch Office 2-6, Namiki, Nakamura-ku, Nagoya, Aichi Japan
Postal code 453-0856
Tel. +81(0)52-419-5220
Fax. +81(0)52-413-3322